Alan Lee Harris

I first moved to Weiser, Idaho with my wife, Kathleen and daughter in 1978.  We spent our next 20 plus years working in Idaho as RN (Registered Nurse) health care providers until my career led us to Hawaii and then Washington where I retired in 2016 from the State of Washington Department of Health. 

Since our first move to Weiser in the 1970’s, Kathleen and I have had a keen interest in real estate, both as investors and in sales.  That interest and the real satisfaction we enjoy from improving the residential properties we have owned has led us to purchase and remodel over 40 homes.  Our intent has always been to bring out the character and beauty in each of those properties.  The results have been gratifying.

For periods of time during the course of our moves, I have been a licensed real estate agent in Idaho, Hawaii and Washington.  Now, having retired from my nursing career, Kathleen and I have returned to Weiser where I am resuming my career in Real Estate.