Behind the Artwork

People often ask me why I paint, or what inspires my Art. 

When I first started painting seriously in 1998, it was simply something that I did.  Since that time, I’ve found that my creations are actually an expression of who I am.
Though music and mood motivate me to pick up my brushes, color and theme ultimately determine whether or not I’m satisfied with a finished piece.  My color choices are mostly bold and rich.  Themes that move me tend to spring from nature or everyday people experiencing the joy of simple living.
I’ve heard critics describe my work as impressionistic. One reporter labeled me as a colorist. 

Whatever the case, interpreting my love for life on canvas simply makes me happy.  As I once wrote on my website: ‘Painting gives me a platform to express the bit of untamed heart that rattles my soul and pushes me to create’.

Gail L Richards has been selling her Art to collectors across the U.S. and Canada for 14 years through galleries and online.  More examples of her paintings may be viewed at: .