Delicious Masterpieces

Mary and I have never tasted a better yellow delicious apple than we grow in our home orchard near Cambridge, Idaho.  The Idaho sun gives the yellows a blush or “rosy cheeks”, as we call it, and that makes the apples extremely “delicious” masterpieces.  I like the Rome Beauty and Jonathan apples just as much.  This time of year around March and April and before the trees start budding, we prune to keep the tree growth healthy.

There were commercial orchards in earlier days, especially between Indian Valley and Council.  Mesa Orchards was 1400 acres in size and considered one of the largest fruit orchards in the continental United States for many years beginning in the 1920’s.  The earliest commercial orchard in the area was established in the 1890’s near Council. Fruit from that orchard was entered in the Chicago World’s Fair and then sent on to London, England.  Must have been some apple!  Maybe as good as the golden delicious we grow in our home orchard near Cambridge?

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