Thawing Out at Hells Canyon Reservoir

Make no mistake about it - I love winter in our mountain community of McCall, Idaho.  The skiing and snow festivities are primary reasons people live in or visit this town.  And nothing beats the nip of frosty cold on my cheeks when a sunrise sparkles on ice crystals.

But come March, when Facebook friends in warmer climes are posting pictures of delicate flowers that are blooming in raised beds next to their freshly mowed lawns, I find myself itching to pack the boots and unearth my sand-crusted Tevas! 

Thankfully, beaches and 70 degree temps are only 45-minutes away in Riggins when the 2-ft. of snow in my yard isn’t melting fast enough to satisfy an attack of spring fever.

Recently, however, my family and I traveled 115 miles to Hells Canyon Park, where the whole package seemed to be waiting our arrival:  lush lawn, bathing geese, tree branches teaming with song birds, and a place near the beach that begged for the company of our lounge chairs and cooler of snacks.

We each peeled off layers of cotton and wool as if the season had suddenly changed.  Out came the sunglasses - and tender white skin got its first drink of sunshine. 

Boating, fishing, or camping are options in the canyon, where several campsites are perched on the banks of the Snake River between Brownlee, Oxbow, and Hells Canyon Dams. 

We, however, were there to enjoy a one-day dose of warmth.  What a way to kick off spring vacation!

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