Farm and Ranch

Here in West Central Idaho you'll find an abundance of water, fertile soil, native range land, and the local services necessary to develop your farm or ranch.

Guidance—Every Step of the Way. We at Creed Noah Real Estate Company are familiar with the land here in West Central Idaho and can help you locate just the property you're seeking. We have years of experience in assisting with:

  • Determining properties' production and carrying capacity
  • Idaho water rights for irrigation, and working with the Idaho Department of Water Resources
  • Grazing permits for public BLM (Bureau of Land Management), State of Idaho and Forest Service land
  • Soil conservation services and working with the NRCS (National Resources Conservation Services)
  • Connecting you with those in Idaho Fish & Game for developing wildlife habitat on your property

Knowledge. Like working the land itself, navigating the issues when purchasing farm and ranch land--water rights, land use, fertility and production, terrain, soil pH, growing seasons and crops--takes a certain expertise to establish a clear picture of what the property is yielding and what the property might potentially yield. We're available to help answer any question you may have about the region, from opportunities for outdoor recreation to schools and other details of community life.

And if we don't know the answer to your question, we'll find the answer as soon as we possibly can.

Results. When sifting through literally hundreds of square miles of Idaho and Oregon for a farm or ranch, it helps to have team coverage. Our three offices familiarity with the region provides you with complete coverage throughout West Central Idaho and East Central Oregon.
Interview us to see whether we’re a good match for your needs.

Farm and Ranch for sale:

For Sale.
Type: Ranch.
Offered at: $1190000
2490 Cemetery Lane
Council, 351.35 Acres
2 Bedroom(s), 2 Bathrooms(s)
2234 Sq Footage
For Sale.
Type: Ranch.
Offered at: $2300000
TBD Cove Road
Weiser, Idaho, 3960 Acres
For Sale.
Type: Ranch.
Offered at: $980000
1370/1795 Glenway/SW 2nd
Fruitland, Idaho, 163.77 Acres
4 Bedroom(s), 3 Bathrooms(s)
Type: Ranch.
Offered at: $950366
TBD Farm to Market Road
Midvale, Idaho, 1,499 Acres
Type: Ranch.
Offered at: $1146000
606 Mundy Gulch Road
Indian Valley, Idaho, 507 Acres
3 Bedroom(s), 2 Bathrooms(s)
1432 Sq Footage
Type: Ranch.
Offered at: $1125000
2392 Little Weiser River Road
Indian Valley, ID, 700 Acres
2 Bedroom(s), 3 Bathrooms(s)
2688 Sq Footage
Type: Ranch.
Offered at: $750000
2660 West Valley Road
Midvale, Idaho, 88.30 Acres
4 Bedroom(s), 2.5 Bathrooms(s)
2384 Sq Footage