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Malia Bumgarner
Cambrige Office
(208) 257-3355
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday

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7,900 Acres, Cove Road, Weiser, ID.

TBD Cove Road
Weiser, Idaho,

Offered at: $2300000

  • The Terrain


    The Terrain
  • SW View Across Property


    SW View Across Property
  • South End of Property


    South End of Property
  • Cattle at Stock Water Tank


    Cattle at Stock Water Tank
  • Pasture


  • Pasture


  • Cove Creek


    Cove Creek
  • Native Range & Springs


    Native Range & Springs
  • Grass Lands South End


    Grass Lands South End
  • Farm Ground & Pasture


    Farm Ground & Pasture
  • Stock Pond


    Stock Pond
  • South End Plateau Tillable Ground


    South End Plateau Tillable Ground
  • Broken Terrain & Spring


    Broken Terrain & Spring
  • Sheltered Draw with Spring


    Sheltered Draw with Spring
  • View into Sanders Place


    View into Sanders Place
  • Close Up of Spring Fed Ponds


    Close Up of Spring Fed Ponds
  • Cattle at Stock Well Water


    Cattle at Stock Well Water
  • Solar Powered Stock Tank


    Solar Powered Stock Tank
  • Terrain


  • Doe & Twins


    Doe & Twins
  • Holland Gulch


    Holland Gulch
  • Holland Gulch


    Holland Gulch
  • South View Across Property


    South View Across Property
  • Stock Water


    Stock Water
  • Boat Escape


    Boat Escape
  • Fallow Fields & Dry Grazing


    Fallow Fields & Dry Grazing
  • Fallow Ground Pasture


    Fallow Ground Pasture
  • Farm Ground Pasture


    Farm Ground Pasture
  • NE View Across Sanders Place


    NE View Across Sanders Place
  • SE View Across South Parcel


    SE View Across South Parcel
  • Spring System on Sanders Place


    Spring System on Sanders Place
  • Stock Water on Sanders Place


    Stock Water on Sanders Place
  • Cove Creek


    Cove Creek
  • Elk on Hillside


    Elk on Hillside
  • View of Rolling Hills


    View of Rolling Hills
  • Hillside


  • Water Trough


    Water Trough
  • Sloping Meadow Land


    Sloping Meadow Land
  • Gently Rolling Terrain


    Gently Rolling Terrain
  • Herd of Elk


    Herd of Elk
  • View



Located in the Weiser Cove area approximately 12 miles east of Weiser, this 3960 + acre deeded ranch property is a separate, autonomous portion of the Skow Family’s Cove Creek Ranch, now in the 4th generation of family stewardship.  Contiguous with and offered in conjunction with the deeded lands is the private 3940 + acre Holland Gulch BLM Allotment eligible for 549 AUMs.  The deeded acreage consists of two main north/south parcels of 960 + and

3,000 + acres, respectively, separated by approximately 1&1/2 miles of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and private holdings.  The two parcels are linked by a long since abandoned county road adopted and maintained by the owners as a connecting farm road.   

Known as the “Sander’s Place, the picturesque, broken terrain north parcel has year round county road access, a mile and a quarter of Cove Creek running through, a geothermal site and stock water ponds fed by springs and early season run-off.  A set of corrals and livestock working facilities have been established on the Sanders Place. 

Referred to as the “Over the Hill Place”,  the big expanse south parcel encompasses slopes and hillsides of native pasture, gently rolling, sloping improved pasture and approximately 525 acres tillable dry-land farm ground in broad, meandering draws and upper plateaus.  Two developed solar powered stock wells are complemented by spring fed and seasonal run-off stock ponds on both the deeded and BLM lands.  Both the deeded and BLM are perimeter fenced.  Two stray 40 acre deeded parcels are outside the main north/south tracts and surrounded by the Holland Gulch BLM Grazing Allotment.   

The Skow ranch property is located in one of Idaho’s premiere upland game bird habitat areas offering excellent populations of upland game including pheasants, valley quail, Hungarian partridge and chukar partridge.  Cove Creek along with stock water ponds across the nearly 8,000 acres of deeded land and BLM allotment attract a variety of waterfowl throughout the year. The ranch lands are also home to a strong population of mule deer and the elk that move through during the season.  Because the property consists of a least 640 acres, the owner is eligible for a landowner appreciation permit for controlled big game hunts within Hunt Unit 32.

AREA OVERVIEW            

Weiser, the Washington County Seat, is the closest town to the property and accessible by county maintained paved and gravel roads.  Optimally situated at the confluence the Weiser and Snake Rivers, Weiser is a strong agricultural community complemented by a well-established and substantial business district.   With a population of approximately five thousand, Weiser’s small town atmosphere makes it a great place to live while also providing most necessary services and shopping.  Weiser Memorial Hospital, an affiliate of the St. Luke’s Health System, offers a full spectrum of healthcare services. Civic pride and community spirit are evident; this is a town that is involved and takes pride and active interest in the schools, parks and recreation programs, churches, senior center community events, institutions and programs.   Famous for the National Old Time Fiddle Festival held each year in June, Weiser is a “hallmark” town with beautiful tree lined streets and a plethora of history rich architecture.

Weiser offers a general aviation airport with a 4,000 foot runway.  Boise, Idaho’s capitol city is approximately 70 minutes east of the property via State Highway 95 and Interstate 84 and home to the state’s largest airport, which offers a full range of commercial air services. 



3,960 + Total Deeded Acres

3,435 +Acres Dry Grazing/Improved Pasture/Native Range

525 + Acres Tillable Dry Land Farm Ground

(Note: Much of the tillable land is currently fallow.  Owner’s intent is to seed fallow ground to dry land alfalfa, Intermediate wheat and crested wheatgrass.)                  


Improved pasture and tillable dry-land farm ground soils are classified as very deep and well drained. 

Soil profiles include light brownish gray clay, silt loams and sandy loams well suited to growing grain crops, dry-land alfalfa, intermediate and crested wheat grass.

Native pasture soils are classified as moderately deep and well drained stony, silty clay loams.                                       


Good stock water – well distributed across the deeded and BLM ground 

Cove Creek through property for approx. 1&1/4  mile

Geothermal water along Cove Creek Springs

Spring-fed stock water ponds

Run-off stock water ponds

Two solar powered stock wells with stock tanks


00301 Holland Gulch Private Allotment

200 Head/549 AUMS from April 1 to July 25        

3,940 + acres


Fencing, Corral System along Cove Creek, Developed Solar Powered Stock Water Wells with Stock Tanks, Stock Water Ponds                                   


The climate is best described as arid with total annual precipitation of approximately 10 inches.  This part of western Idaho enjoys four distinct seasons with mild, open winters.  Growing conditions for gardens and orchards are excellent.  The average daytime high from November through February (the coldest months of the year) is 46 degrees.  The average winter low is 24 degrees.  Summers are warm with temperatures reaching the upper 90s during July and August and cooling to the mid-60s at night. 

Elevation ranges from 2,400 feet at the north parcel rising to 3,380 feet near the southern boundary.

Representing Office:

(208) 257-3355
(208) 257-3855
9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday

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