SOLD!!! Wonderful Row Crop Farm


4 Bedroom(s), 3 Bathroom(s)

1370/1795 Glenway/SW 2nd, Fruitland, Idaho,

Farm Ground

Farm Ground

Farm Ground

Green Pasture

Green Pasture

Farm Ground


Alfalfa Field

Valley View

Farm Ground

Farm Ground

Beet Field

Manufactured Home

The Reeve Farm is located approx. 5 miles South of Fruitland, 60 miles from Boise, and just a few minutes from access to I-84.  It is divided into 2 parcels, approximately 1 mile apart accessible by county road and US Hwy 95.

This is very productive farm ground.  Additionally, the property includes a residence, large wildlife pond and pasture.


164.77 total acres

118 irrigated acres divided as follows:     

SW 2nd land: 50 acres in first year alfalfa

15 acres in clover, harvesting 500-600 lbs. per acre

Irrigation equipment includes 2-53 joint 7’ wheel lines with buried mainline, 700 feet 8” gated pipe with bubbler, 1 20 HP pump.       

Glenway land:33 acres in beets-contracted for $35/ton per acre

5 acres in clover


15 acres in navy beans, harvesting 100 lbs. per acre.


Irrigation equipment includes a 24 joint 6’ wheel line, 28 joint 6’ wheel line with 500 feet of mainline, 2-32 joint wheel lines with buried mainline. Please note: the Glenway property is gravity flow irrigated.

THE RESIDENCE:             

2001 Manufactured home. 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom. F/A Electric furnace with central A/C.  Needs some TLC.  On a perimeter foundation.  Located overlooking the 33 acres in sugar beets.

THE WATER:          

Water is from Black Canyon Irrigation rights for 118 acres. 

Cost per share:         $55

Cost per head gate: $25 (there are 4)


Fruitland has an excellent growing climate at an elevation of 2200 feet and an annual precipitation of 12-14 inches.  It allows for long seasons and optimal production.